Stressed? A week of waterscape photography can reset your life.

Stressed? A Week of Waterscape Photography
Will Reset Your Life

With an easy-to-use digital camera or cell phone
and a guide to lead you to dramatic natural vistas
you can shed anxiety built up by today’s fast paced

“Waterscape Photography combines the positive effects of excersize and mindful contemplation with the joy of immersion in nature,” says Bob Gibson, award-winning photographer and lead instructor at www.Florida Photo

Waterscapes make the best photos. The best sunrises are reflected across the sea,
the spindrift tossed by the breakers and in the wet sand that sparkles after a retreating wave.

Waterscape Photography Reduces Stress
Sunrise at the ocean’s edge on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

“When you are part of a small group that shares your passion for nature, wildlife and photography, the therapeutic effects
are amplified. In the comfort of a guided group, you stand alongside dramatic waterscapes and ocean shorelines and
cypress forests and a transformation occurs: You feel
the breeze, sense the changes in light, hear the wildlife and the waves and experience a calming effect while waiting for the perfect photo. You become hyper-aware. picture” view of the world and your place in it. The petty issues experienced in the work-a-day world melt away,
as a “big picture” view of the natural world takes over.

Gibson, once an in-demand creative director who spent hectic days presenting multi-media campaigns in boardrooms of blue-chip clients, today prefers the joy of sharing his love of the outdoors with individuals who take his “Wildlife and Waterscapes” workshops.

Give me a partially submerged sandbar to stand on, or a spit of river stones to set up my tripod. If I’m touching water, I am happy. If I’m getting my feet wet while taking photos, better still!

At the end of four days of capturing the best of nature in the withing Florida’s pristine parks and waterways and beaches, participants experiencea transformation from an anxiety driven life to a purpose driven one.”

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Waterscape Photography
Waterscape Photography Workshop with Florida guide Bob Gibson