Frequently Asked Questions

In each workshop you will learn to create unforgettable panoramas using Lightroom and Photoshop.

What is included in the workshop vacation?

  • Four days, five nights at Casa Caretta
  • Group transportation to locations
  • Park Fees/Bike Rentals
  • “Morning Snacks, Juices on the Go, evening tea and snacks”
  • Not included:  Your rental car, lunch and dinners.

What specific photography skills will I learn?

  • Capturing long exposures (blurring ocean waves, nighttime lights and moving objects).  Using neutral density filters, processing images to optimize effects.
  • Preparing and shooting properly exposed pre-sunrise and sunrise with dramatic water scapes.  You will learn, compositional ideas, timing wave action, fast and slow shutter, supplemental flash, accurate focusing in low light.
  • Shooting your images in RAW and editing your files in Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Creating stunning panoramic land and waterscapes, by stitching together successive images in Photoshop. Using vertical distortion correction in Lightroom to give your landscape and architectural images professional accuracy. 
  • Using off camera flash to create dramatic vacation and environmental portraits. 
  • Capturing wetland wildlife including exposure/shutter speeds for amazing “birds in flight” images.
  • Experimenting with “Over/Under” Go Pro pole technique for exciting fish/nature and humans images.
  • Taking control of depth of field to highlight wildlife and human subjects.
  • Capturing and editing for perfect front to back focus, using the “Focus Stacking” method.
  • How to pack your camera bag/tripod for bike/hike trips and also how to get amazing landscapes in a location where tripods are forbidden. (Top of Lighthouse)
  • Improving your macro focusing and lighting skills together with “Focus Stacking” to create stunning close-ups.

You will receive positive feedback and mentoring at every step of the journey. At the end of this workshop, you will no longer hesitate to “get your feet wet” in exciting outdoor environments. You will gain confidence with the technology of your DSLR or mirror less camera.  Your skills using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to enhance your photos (without losing the natural look and quality) will be expanded. Most of all, you will return with fun memories and stunning images!

Where will we be shooting?

  • Coral Cove or Carlin Beach Park
  • Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Outstsanding Natural Area
  • Riverbend Park
  • Dubois Beach Park

What do I need to bring?

Photo Gear

  • Camera body and lenses
  • tripod and backpack
  • batteries/charger
  • large memory card (s)
  • Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop


  • Tropical Shorts/Shirts
  • Bathing Suit
  • Sneakers for Biking and Lighthouse
  • Hat/Sun Screen

What if I have to cancel?

You may cancel 45 days prior with your deposit applied to another workshop of your choice. Deposits are forfeited for cancellations received 0-44 days prior to the start of the workshop.

What are the area highlights?

  • 30 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport
  • World-class golf courses (Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and dozens of international sports celebrities live here)
  • Pristine Pink sand beaches, ocean waters warmed by Gulf Stream
  • Fresh seafood, informal waterfront dining
  • Small town charm with 160 year history.
  • Wildlife: Sea Turtles, Manatees, Porpoises, Alligators, Graceful wading birds.
  • Resort shoppes from local to Palm Beaches’ Worth Avenue.
  • Bicycling and Paddleboarding.
  • Casa Caretta is a short walk to the Loxahatchee River, The Lighthouse Center for the Arts, and several cafés
  • Coffee houses—one mile to the beach, inlet and “Love Street” area dining.