Get Your Feet Wet!

Expert photography instruction, exclusive access to nature reserves, guided photo trips, local Treasure Coast activities

A once-in-a-lifetime experience – all of Florida’s splendor

4-Days, 5 nights    Check in Tuesday 4pm / Check out Sunday 10am

Exclusive Photo Locations

Sunrise, sunset, and other exclusive access to state parks arranged for you. Locations include Coral Cove or Carlin Beach Park, Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Outstsanding Natural Area, Riverbend Park, Dubois Beach Park

“I want you to gain the skills you need to create photos that are both technically and artistically amazing. The field trips I have arranged are super fun—perfect for families or active adults. Together we will bike and hike to capture the hidden natural wonders of Florida’s Treasure Coast”

Sightseeing and Photography Aboard MAKA'I

One of our activities can include a sunset photo tour aboard the MAKA’I.

Learn over/underwater GoPro photography

Every workshop includes this fun photography field trip

You will be guided on sunrise and sunset field trips with award-winning photographer, nature guide, Bob Gibson. Your mission:  create photographic masterpieces in color and black and white.

Your destinations: Pink sand beaches with coquina rock pools, cobalt skies, aquamarine waves and titanium clouds. Ancient cypress hammocks and freshwater lakes feeding one of America’s Scenic Rivers. A charming “Old Florida” riverfront with a 160 year-old lighthouse.

Experience Level—Intermediate to Advanced  You will graduate with masterful color and black and white waterscapes—long exposures with velvety sea foam,  dramatic night and golden hour panoramas,  and focus stacked close-ups of beach scapes wild glades preserves, and stunning scenics from the prismatic Fresnel lightroom of the Jupiter Lighhouse–85 feet above the Jupiter Inlet. You’ll learn the digital post-production that supports your unique style and voice.

Endurance—Moderate. Six  “field sessions” will last approximately three-five hours each.  Short hiking, bicycle riding, and wading in ocean.

Plan Your Trip—Lodging is included at Casa Caretta, a charming three bedroom, two bath bed and breakfast style single-family home in the heart of Jupiter, Florida—one mile from beaches, waterfront dining, the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and more! Casa Caretta has earned five stars and premier membership status from VBRO.

The workshops include four half day excursions, and (2) two hour sessions of Photoshop and Lightroom computer instruction.

Pack Your Gear!—DSLR Camera, Tripod, Laptop with Photoshop and Lightroom.  Backpack you can wear while hiking and biking with your equipment.  (We will supply cameras with neutral density filters—and wildlife telephotos if you do not yet own these) Return Home With Photographic Masterpieces You Have Created in Color and Black and White.

Its all about you gaining the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience needed to fulfill your photographic visions. In place of lectures we immediately set up in the field begin learning and taking photos. The trips I have set up are fun and adventurous for adults and active seniors. You will hike and ride bikes to witness and capture the hidden natural treasures of Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Packing List

Photo Gear

Camera body and lenses
Backpack to carry equipment
Large memory card (s)
Laptop with Lightroom and Photoshop


Tropical Shorts/Shirts
Bathing Suit
Sneakers for Biking and Lighthouse
Hat/Sun Screen