Bicycling Tour Yields Wildlife Surprises

Wildlife Photographers who take Bob Gibson’s photography tour ride bikes to lakes, marshes and cypress hammocks in Jupiter Florida’s Riverbend Park.

Get up at dawn, drive a few
miles to a 680-acre nature preserve, hop on a bicycle with your camera in a backpack and take off in search of
Florida’s most stunning and graceful wading birds.

This is the start of photographer/guide Bob Gibson’s
“Florida Waterscapes and Wildlife” workshop.
Avid landscape and nature photographers from all
points of the globe attracted to his week long workshops
return home with prized images of Great White and Tri-Colored Herons, Osprey, Barred Owls, and the occasional

“Riding fat tire bikes allows us to check a dozen
very different environments in one morning—from
open lakes and grassy marshes to dense cypress forest,
says Gibson. “We keep our group to six or less, so we are stealthy and everyone receives the personalized photography assistance they need.

Everyone loves riding bikes on Riverbend’s tree canopied paths. Surprises await at every turn. White tailed deer might appear in the morning mist. A family of ducks might be swimming between ancient Cypress knees. A stately Blue Heron might be methodically fishing the edge of a sparkling lake. Without bicycles, we would only encounter a tenth of the wildlife we get to photograph.

“When we stumble upon one of these scenes, we quietly set up our tripods and cameras. The goal is to witness the real Florida and to capture professional images that can be
published and shared. Many of my students are not only
avid photographers, but nature advocates with their own blogs. Powerful images of pristine wilderness and wildlife shared online can inspire protection of these resources.”

“We are fortunate in Palm Beach County Florida, that the commissioners set aside so many nature preserves and parks–and that
these preserves are well-maintained by professionals.
One of my personal goals is to help promote these parks and encourage their use and support,” said Gibson.

Bob Gibson’s organization, Florida Photo Workshops is the only group photo tour with a permit to lead groups into Palm Beach County, Florida preserves like Riverbend.